produced by DJ El Mar for DEEJAY FAMILY

— Over 50 Hits in 18 Minutes!!! —

Including: Ace Of Base, Afrika Bambaataa, Aqua, BG The Prince Of Rap, Bingoboys, Bizz Nizz, C&C Music Factory, Cappella, Captain Jack, Corona, Culture Beat, DJ Bobo, Dr. Alban, Felix, Fun Factory, Garcia, Gina G, Ice Mc, Intermission, KLF, La Bouche, Loft, Loona, Love Message, Masterboy, Maxx, MC Hammer, Mo-Do, Outhere Brothers, Paffendorf, Passion Fruit, Prince Ital Joe & Marky Mark, Quad City DJs, Reel To Real, Red 5, Roos, Scooter, Snap, Tag Team, 20 Fingers, Twenty 4 Seven, 2 Unlimited, Unit, Urban Cookie Collective, Whigfield & more!